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Who is Purposeful Podcasting for?

Purposeful Podcasting is for entrepreneurs who understand that podcasting is a powerful tool for building brand awareness. This course takes out of the overwhelm by providing granular SOPs that reduce the amount of time and energy that is required to set your podcast up for success. Both in the short term and the long term. 


Do I need to have a podcast already to benefit from this course?

I created this course for podcasters who are frustrated with the workload associated with podcasting. This course removes that by replacing the busy work with a perfectly streamlined process.

If you are getting ready to start a brand new podcast (or relaunch your old podcast!), this course will help you systemize your workload from the start. That means less time figuring out what’s what so you can focus on delivering valuable content and growing your business revenue. Taking Fridays off is encouraged too!


Will this course help me monetize my podcast?

This course will help you optimize your process so you can get the most out of podcasting as a lead-gen tool. A survey of 300,000 listeners found that 63% had bought something a host promoted on their show. When you compare this with the 0.5% conversion rate of blogs, that’s a lot of opportunities to convert your listeners into customers.


Do I need a VA to get the full benefit of this course?

If you have a VA, this course will help you assign tasks to them that you previously thought you had to take on yourself. I am providing you with SOPs that are so granular, a brand new VA you found on Upwork could complete the work for you. As entrepreneurs, our time is money. The combination of my granular SOPs and a VA will save you a ton of both. 


How long will this course take to complete?

This course is designed with the busy mompreneur in mind. Each module is broken down into bite-size chunks that you can check out while you're drinking your morning coffee. The SOPs advocated in this course are easy to set up and are accompanied by step-by-step instructional videos. The real question you should be asking is… How much time will this course save me in the long run?



What if I have a question regarding the course content?

If you have a question regarding the course content inside the members area you are welcome to post your questions and comments directly under the training video you are viewing. Once you have submitted your question or comment our team is notified and will get back to you. Please Note: When posting your question or comment under a video, please select the video that best relates to your question or comment.

What if one of the training videos is not working (stops playing, won’t load, etc.)?

First and foremost, we apologize for the inconvenience.  Our videos are hosted using Kajabi, a top of the line video hosting software platform. Every once in a while, a “glitch” will occur. We first suggest refreshing the page to see if the video will now play.  If the problem persists, please contact our customer support team at [email protected]. When contacting them, please include the page URL and the specific video that is not working. They will prioritize the problem and reply to you promptly.

Have a question about something not listed here?  

Simply contact our support team at [email protected] and they will get back to you within 24-48 hours.

Last Updated: July 28, 2021